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The hotel Cala d'Or "Massages & Wellness" is inspired by Ayurveda (India), a thousand-year- old science of life and longevity and other world traditions to offer you natural and eco-friendly healing for the body and mind.


Ayurveda literally means "Science of Life and Longevity".
Ayurveda postulates that everything is energy.
Within the macrocosm of the universe, the body is a microcosm composed of five elements where three principles or doshas must be balanced:

• VATA: movement
• PITTA: energy
• KAPHA: structure

Ayurvedic massage is based on the basic principles of this Indian medicine that is more than 6,000 years old.
Massages are not only a body therapy but also, and most importantly, a part of a healthy daily lifestyle.
In addition to work on the circulation of physical and mental energy, Ayurvedic massages promote relaxation, improve the immune system and delay old age.

Massage Wellness


•    Abhyanga:  Indian traditional massage - 60mn
A complete treatment with oil that soothes the body and mind. It balances the doshas: vata, pitta, kapha. This massage stimulates the skin, the muscles,
the circulatory system and the lymphatic system. It also soothes the nervous system. It increases energy, vitality, strength, flexibility and thd physical
strength of the body.

•    Jambera Pinda Sweda - 70mn
Body massage using hot stamps filled with lemon, coconut and spices.
It eliminates toxins, softens the joints, firms and softens the skin.
It considerably reduces fat and cellulite.

•    Marmabhyanga - 70mn
Complete massage and stimulation of Marma points (the vital centers of the
body). It balances the nervous system, strengthens the immune system, detoxifies the body and provides deep relaxation.

•    Tridoshas (Kerala) - 70mn
Head massage that reduces migraines and insomnia; followed by a full body
massage with hot oils. This massage relaxes the muscles, activates the blood
and lymphatic circulation and balances the doshas: vata, pitta, kapha.
A beautifully nourishing and rejuvenating experience.

•    Kansu - 40mn
Foot massage performed with a bowl of a combination of five metals and Ghee (clarified butter). This treatment balances the fire element. It brings deep relaxation and regulates sleep. It reduces stress and renewsyourenergy.

•    Akshi Abhyanga – 60mn
This tonic massage, in three phases, combines the benefits of a head, back and
feet massage (Kansu). Excellent for calming the nervous system and reducing
big tensions.


•    Balinese – 60mn
Balinese massage that combines techniques that harmonize body and mind.
Balinese massage is a mix of different Asian techniques. It combines Ayurvedicmedicine from India, and Chinese medicine.


•    Lomi- Lomi – 60mn
This massage with monoi oil is invigorating and enveloping. The peculiarity of
this massage is that it is practiced largely with the front arms as well as with
small wooden pestles. It relaxes, vivifies,purifies the body and the mind.

Specific Massage

•    Sport – 30mn
Sport massage can meet the special needs of the athlete or any active person.
It contributes effectively to the maintenance of muscle tone, preparation for
physical activities of all kinds and recovery after exercise.

•    Pain releaser – 60mn
This massage is for people who suffer from back, neck and shoulders pain.
Sedentary people, who adopt bad postures, those who solicit their back trough
physical work will be delighted with this massage which will reduce
contractures and pain considerably.

Beauty Care


•     El Poder del Olivo - 60mn
Nourishing corporal olive tree treatment bringing together all the goodness of the olive tree. Oil from the fruit, minerals and nourishing qualities of the pip and the nourishing goodness of the leaf are all combined in a virgin quality infused fragrant ail. This perfume free product is used to massage, nourish and deeply hydrate the body.

•     Dulce de Mandarina –30mn
Footmassage. Impregnate your feet with lightness and new energy, in this
treatment, we gently evacuate the tiredness of your feet and legs with our bar of exfoliation with salt and mandarin. Citrus essential oils elevate the mind while
stimulating the acupressure points of the foot is a deeply restorative experience.

•    Espiritu Marino – 60mn
Flor de Sal exfoliation & detox body wrap.
Allow de salt from the salt plains of Mallorca to restore your body and spirit. This exfoliation treatment is the ideal at the beginning of your holidays…
The purest marine salt will leave your skin glowing and ready for the perfect mediterranean sun tan, while rosemarin releases the muscle tension. The sea weed wrap – rich in antioxidiants, essential vitamins and minerals –will purify the body and restore wellbeing.

•    Palmarosa Facial – 50mn
Revitalising facial polishing & clay mask. Deep cleansing and exfoliating facial polishing followed by a pink clay, rose petal & oat mask which leaves your skinfeeling tingly and fresh. Toned with rosewater, these deeply nourishing
ingredients remove dead skin cells and leave your skin with a rejuvenated glow.


•    Cosmo lifting   (Facial Aeralift massage)  - 60mn
The aeralift massage (creative Lone Sorensen) is a combination of techniques
from Japanese acupressure stimulation medicine and Andean aborigines.
Thanks to this combination, the massage makes it possible to obtain an
immediate improvement of the facial features and to reach a stress-regulating effect as well as an instantaneous relaxation at the internal and
external level of the body.

Mini Cure

A personalized mini-cure is possible during your stay.
For more information please contact Isabelle, the therapist


The hotel on the other hand has a bar, restaurant for the hotel clients and two cafeterias one by the pool and the other by the beach where you can also hire sun beds.

The swimming pool is situated just above the beach and is climatized at 25 degrees we offer a free service of towels and sunloungers.

We also have a fitness room.

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