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Hotel Cala d’Or has implemented strict COVID-19 prevention measures in all its departments in collaboration with the international consultancy firm, HS Consulting Health and Safety, to guarantee the safety of both staff and guests when it reopens.
It is certified in COVID-19 prevention and has a “Health and Safety” seal as it guarantees the highest standards of hygiene and safety, in compliance with current ICTE (Institute for Spanish Tourism Quality) standards and WHO recommendations.
Sello Health and Safety

  • Galería - Hotel Cala D'or
    Galería - Hotel Cala D'or

    Team and Collaborators

    TRAINING AND UPDATING. Ongoing training for the entire team on the new protocols and continuous updates as new contingencies and scenarios arise.

    HYGIENE PROTOCOLS. Hygiene measures have been enhanced in all areas of employee work. Masks will be mandatory and use of hydroalcoholic gel will be frequent.

    HEALTH SURVEILLANCE. Each employee will be asked to take their temperature daily upon arrival at the hotel. To ensure the safety of and to monitor employee’s movements in and out of the hotel they will only access the establishment through the personnel door. No other entrances will be open.

    PROTOCOL IN THE DINING ROOM. Social distancing will be practised in the interior dining room. Departmental meal shifts.

    RECEIPT OF GOODS. The protocol for receiving goods will be enhanced and products will be disinfected and cleaned.

    STORAGE AREAS. Products and storage area will be disinfected every time goods arrive. Daily record of vendors.

  • Galería - Hotel Cala D'or
    Galería - Hotel Cala D'or


    EXPRESS CHECK IN. Guests’ booking data will be sent in advance via email and telephone to minimise contact and avoid the exchange of paper.

    PARTITIONS IN HOTEL RECEPTION. Installation of partitions.

    KEY AND SIGNATURE PROTOCOL. Items such as pens, room cards, car keys and dataphones will be disinfected after their exchange. There will be a receptacle where guests can leave their keys and cards when checking out and it will be disinfected after each shift.

    INFORMATION FOR GUESTS. Maps and tourism brochures will be provided via email or WhatsApp.

    EXPRESS CHECK OUT. Invoices will be sent via email and payment will be made by credit card.

  • Galería - Hotel Cala D'or
    Habitación Doble Vista Mar - Hotel Cala D'or


    CLEANING AND DISINFECTION PROTOCOL. Exceptional cleaning and disinfection protocols have been established for rooms after the guests’ departure. These protocols pay particular attention to frequently-touched items such as doorknobs, TV controls, etc. The ventilation systems in all rooms will be treated after each guest departs and before the next guest arrives.

    ROOM SET UP. Removal of non-essential decorative elements and stationery.

    NEW AMENITIES. We have included safety amenity kits that contain items such as masks and hydroalcoholic gel.

    POSTERS WITH PROTOCOLS. In your room, you will find information on good prevention practices to reduce the risk of contagion and on hand hygiene.

  • Galería - Hotel Cala D'or
    Galería - Hotel Cala D'or


    ADVANCE RESERVATIONS. New system for managing breakfast and dinner reservations prior to arrival, if necessary.

    BREAKFAST SERVICES. We will offer guests the possibility of enjoying a personalised Mediterranean or Continental breakfast in the restaurant or in their room.

    REDUCED CAPACITY. We have reduced the number of tables in our restaurant areas to ensure the appropriate distance between tables, on terraces and in outdoor green areas. Table service in our cafés.

    ROOM SERVICE. The offer and protocol for this service will be adapted with the guest.

    CLEANING AND DISINFECTION PROTOCOL. Guests will be advised to use the hydroalcoholic solution at the dining room entrance. All our tablecloths will be single use.

    ELIMINATION OF STATIONARY. We have eliminated the non-essential stationery and decoration from this area.

    PAYMENT BY CARD We will encourage guests to pay by card or virtual payment systems, or to charge the consumption or service to their room.

  • Galería - Hotel Cala D'or
    Galería - Hotel Cala D'or

    Facilities & Common Areas

    DISINFECTION PRIOR TO OPENING. Days before the hotel reopens, all surfaces, both exterior and interior, will be disinfected.

    CLEANING AND DISINFECTION PROTOCOL. Common areas in the hotels — reception desks, lifts, doors, toilets, etc. are now cleaned and disinfected more frequently. Guidelines for their use will be posted in the lifts; however, each establishment will advise guests to use the stairs.

    GUEST SAFETY CORNER. We have placed hydroalcoholic solution at all of the hotel’s entrances and exits, as well as in the common areas. You will have a hydroalcoholic solution at your disposal and, for your peace of mind, we will replace or keep all doors open to the extent possible to avoid contact with doorknobs.

    POSTERS WITH PROTOCOLS. Additional signage will be posted communicating the protocols.

    GYM. Available by reservation and thoroughly cleaned after each use. Increased daily cleaning and disinfection. Machines must be disinfected before and after use. To that end, we will provide disinfectant and paper towels.

  • Galería - Hotel Cala D'or
    Habitación Doble Vista Mar - Hotel Cala D'or

    Swimming pool

    WATER TREATMENT. We have enhanced the daily controls following the new maintenance and cleaning protocol for all our facilities. The pool water will be disinfected in the proper proportions to keep them clean and safe at all times.

    REDUCED CAPACITY AND SWIMMING POOL HOURS. The swimming pool can be enjoyed during its established opening hours, limiting its capacity to 75%. We have reduced the number of sun loungers in the pool and rest areas to maintain the mandatory distance between our guests.

    DISINFECTION AND CLEANING. Disinfection of the sun loungers by the pool.

    RESTRICTED ACCESS TO THE JACUZZI. We have limited the maximum number of people who can access the jacuzzi to 2 people from the same group, provided that they belong to the same family unit.