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An Underwater Paradise

16 January 2024

Cala d’Or stands out in Mallorca as an exceptional destination for diving enthusiasts, whether with an oxygen tank or practicing snorkeling. The unique geography of the coastline in the municipality of Santanyí creates the perfect environment to explore marine life. Imagine swimming among cliffs that plunge into the sea, where you’ll find octopuses, groupers, and moray eels in their natural habitat.

From Cala d’Or, you have multiple options to delve into the underwater world. You can start your adventure from the tranquil sandy coves, such as Cala Serena and Cala Ferrera, where you’ll quickly find yourself in fascinating diving areas. If you prefer a broader experience, the speedboats available in Cala d’Or will take you to even more exciting dive sites along the coast. I recommend exploring the areas around Es Fortí, Cala Egos, Cala Gran, and Cala Esmeralda. And be sure to visit Cala Sa Nau, Cala Mitjana, and Cala Brafi, each with its own underwater charm.

For the more adventurous, we recommend excursions that take you to more remote locations, giving you the opportunity to experience the best of the Mediterranean in diving. A destination you can’t miss is the island of Cabrera, a protected and spectacular marine environment. If you decide to venture there on your own, remember to request the necessary permits.