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Beaches & Coves in Mallorca

25 January 2024

At Hotel Cala d’Or, we are delighted to guide you through our magnificent beaches and coves. Each one has its unique charm, and I’m confident you’ll find your perfect spot under the sun. Here’s our selection, sure to surprise you.

Cala Esmeralda: This corner is a small treasure. Surrounded by rocks and with respectful urban development around it, it’s perfect for relaxing. Here you can enjoy sun loungers, a bar, and parking.

Cala d’Or: A jewel protected from the waves, ideal for a peaceful day at the beach. Although its unique geography limits views of the open sea, its services include everything needed for a comfortable stay.

Calò des Pou: A quaint and popular cove, where vegetation blends with the sand. It’s small but charming, so I recommend arriving early to find a good spot.

Cala Egos: Known for its cleanliness and mix of sand and rock, this beach offers an intimate and tranquil atmosphere. Parking is limited, so plan ahead.

Calò des Homos Morts: Ideal for diving enthusiasts. Its access is somewhat challenging, but I assure you it’s worth the effort.

Calò de Sa Torre: This beach consists of two coves separated by rocks. It’s easily accessible and perfect for a day of sun and sea.

Calò des Borgit: A pristine beach in the heart of the Mondragó Natural Park. You can arrive on foot or by car, and the experience of nature here is unmatched.

Cala Mondragó and s’Amarador: These two beaches, located in the Mondragó Natural Park, are perfect for families. They offer a variety of services and a wonderful natural environment.

Cala Figuera: This cove forms a natural “Y” and houses one of the most protected fishing ports. It’s ideal for those seeking an authentic experience.

Cala Santanyí: Easy access, complete services, and walks towards Es Pontàs. It’s very popular, so brace yourself for the crowd in high season.

Cala Llombards: With its famous Es Pontàs viewpoint and fishing tradition, this cove is a gem. Plus, it’s easily accessible.

Calò des Moro and Cala s’Almunia: These beaches are a paradise for diving enthusiasts and natural beauty lovers. However, access can be challenging.

Caló des Màrmols: A secret getaway accessible on foot or by sea. Its untouched natural setting and crystal-clear waters make it a magical place.

Cala Sa Nau and Cala Mitjana: Small but stunning, these beaches are perfect for enjoying diving and tranquility. Remember, access to Cala Mitjana can be a bit tricky.

Cala Serena and Cala Ferrera: These neighboring coves offer different experiences: Cala Serena is quieter, while Cala Ferrera is easily accessible and popular among bathers.

Cala Barca: A charming family cove, ideal for enjoying both the sun and the shade of the pine trees.

Es Caragol: One of the largest virgin beaches in Mallorca, perfect for enjoying turquoise waters and relaxing baths.

Each of these beaches has its own magic, and I’m sure you’ll find your favorite. If you need more information or advice, We’ll be at front desk to help!